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Welcome to the ILC

The Institute of Logic and Cognition (ILC) at Sun Yat-Sen University is a Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences supported by the Ministry of Education of China.  The ILC is dedicated to exploring the intersection between logic and cognitive sciences, and promoting both theoretical and empirical study of logic, cognition, communication and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on diverse methods and approaches from philosophy, computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics and anthropology.

The ILC carries out research projects on philosophical logic, mathematic logic, informal logic, history and philosophy of logic, logic and culture, as well as applied logic in artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling, and legal reasoning.

The ILC provides education in logic at all graduate levels: masters, doctoral and post-doctoral.  As the only key base in the discipline of logic selected by the Ministry of Education, the ILC serves as a major institution for training logicians in China.


 News and Events
普通文章 Translation Collection of Western Legal Logic released in Zunyi (2015-08-05)
普通文章 The 10th National Forum of Legal Methodology held in Zunyi (2015-07-31)
普通文章 Lecture Series on Logic and Cognition Launched (2015-04-01)
普通文章 Professor Ho-fung Leung from CUHK visited the Institute (2015-03-19)
普通文章 Professor Luo Xudong Presented Awards at ADMA 2014 (2014-12-25)
普通文章 Graduate student Wu Guihua participated in the 13th PRICAI (2014-12-12)
普通文章 Professor Ju Shier Participated in the Conference on Logic and Epistemology 2014 in Taiwan (2014-11-26)
普通文章 Professor Christopher W. Tindale's visiting to the institute (Oct 7th to 15th, 2014) (2014-11-26)
普通文章 Professor Liu Hu and Professor Xiong Wei qualified as PhD Supervisors (2014-11-26)
普通文章 Associate Professor Xie Yun promoted to Guangdong Talent Cultivation Project (2014-11-17)

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