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Professor Christopher W. Tindale

         Professor Christopher W. Tindale, a leading scholar in informal logic was invited by Professor Minghui Xiong to visit the institute from Oct 7th to 15th, 2014. Christopher W. Tindale is a Professor in University of Windsor. He is the  (co-)editor of several journals, including Informal Logic, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Argumentation, etc..

        His primary interests are in Argumentation Theory, Greek Philosophy, and Moral Issues. He is  very active  in the rhetorical approach to argumentation. During the visit, Professor Tindale delivered five serial lectures under the theme "Rhetoric and Informal Logic". He briefly introduced the history of argumentation study and focused specifically on the features of Aristotle's Rhetorical Argumentation theory in the first lecture, "Rhetoric and Argumentation: Aristotle's Legacy". In the second lecture "Static and Dynamic models of Argument",he concentrated on two different theoretical models in contemporary study of argument, and pointed out that the rhetorical approach to argument will be based on a dynamic concept of argument. In the third lecture "Ambiguity and the Rhetoric of Informal Logic", he discussed the ambiguity in natural language and made it clear that the rhetorical approach focuses more on the actual context of argumentation as well as the genuine usage of language. Professor Tindale discussed Audience, the most crucial issue in rhetorical approach to argumentation study in the fourth lecture, "Themes of Rhetorical Argumentation: The Central Place of Audience". He also delivered a comprehensive discussion and development on C. Perelman's Audience theory. Finally, in the fifth lecture, "The Sense of an Audience: Viewing the Study of Argument from the Perspective of an Audience", He extended the Audience theory further, and responded to some controversial problems.


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