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Professor Ju Shier Participated in the Conference on Logic and Epistemology 2014 in Taiwan

        The Conference on Logic and Knowledge 2014 was held in Taiwan University, Taipei, from November 20th to 23rd, 2014. The conference is aimed at an interaction among logic, epistemology and scientific methodology and communication across the Taiwan Strait. Around 70 scholars and graduates from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China participated in the conference. Some 50 papers were published. Ju Shier, director of the institute was invited to deliver the opening speech. In the meantime, Professor Xiong Minghui, Professor Zhu Jing, Professor Zeng Zhaoshi, Professor Xiong Wei, Associate Professor Xie Yun, Lecturer Wang Yingying and Postdoctoral researcher Chen Yiming were also invited to the conference and reported their research result respectively.


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