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Lecture Series on Logic and Cognition Launched

On March 23rd, 2015, the first lecture of the Lecture Series on Logic and Cognition was held at D309, Classroom building in Zhuhai Campus. This lecture, named "The Content and Method of Logic", was delivered by Dean of the Department, Prof. Ju Shier, which attracted more than 100 students.

Prof. Ju firstly illustrated the significance of theoretical research as well as how closely societies are tied to theories by several examples. Then he presented a line of "culture-society-social interaction-social norms", in order to introduce some specific topics within the field of logic. In addition, he showed to the audience the development prospect of the subject of logic.

The Lecture Series on Logic and Cognition is hosted by Institute of Logic and Cognition, starting in the year of 2015 in Zhuhai Campus, SYSU.


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