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Important Dates
  • Submission: September 5, 2011
  • Notification: September 20, 2011
  • Camera Ready: Oct. 20, 2011
  • Registration: Nov. 15, 2011

    Accepted Papers

    1. Majid Alizadeh and Hiroakira Ono. Regular Completions Of Basic Algebras
    2. Libor Behounek. Fuzzy set theories with naive comprehension
    3. Christoph Benzmueller and Valerio Genovese. Quantified Conditional Logics are Fragments of HOL
    4. Frode Bjørdal. A Librationist Quest for Strength
    5. Torben Braüner. First-Order Hybrid Logic: Introduction and Survey
    6. Ivan Chajda. Algebraic axiomatization of tense intuitionistic logic
    7. Ka Fat Chow. A Bilattice-based GQT Framework for Interrogatives and Interrogative Inferences
    8. Martina Dankova. Fuzzy Functions and Their Representations in Fuzzy Class Theory
    9. Christian Fermüller. A Game Baesd Approach to Quantification in Lukasiewicz Logic
    10. Pietro Galliani. Multivalued dependence logic and independence logic
    11. Radomir Halas and Michal Botur. On very true operators on pocrims
    12. Jan Kühr. Lateral completions of BCK- and pseudo-BCK-algebras
    13. Ondrej Majer. Substructural epistemic modalities
    14. Tamás Mihálydeák. Partial first--order logical semantics based on approximations of sets
    15. Vilem Novak. Fuzzy Type Theories: What They Are For
    16. Hiroakira Ono and Umberto Rivieccio. Modal twist-structures over residuated lattices
    17. Tomasz Polacik. Elementary Submodels of Kripke Models
    18. Norbert Preining. A partial characterization of axiomatizability of first-order logics of linear Kripke frames over constant domains
    19. Dagmar Provijn. The role of modal logic in formalizing analogical reasoning
    20. Katsuhiko Sano and Hitoshi Omori. An Expansion of First-order Belnap-Dunn Logic
    21. Camilla Schwind. From Theory revision to logic: a formal link between the logic of comparative similarity CSL and Distance Based Revision
    22. Vladimir Stepanov. Many-valued logics for dynamical semantics of the atomic self-reference statements
    23. Frederik Van De Putte and Tjerk Gauderis. Abduction of Generalizations in a Modal Adaptive Framework
    24. Peter Verdée. Handling unnamed abnormal objects in (mathematical) adaptive logic theories
    25. Shunsuke Yatabe. On the crispness of $omega$ and an arithmetic with a bi-simulation in a constructive naive set theory
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